Bart Simpson, the Scientologist

Eat my shorts, man! Or I'll have Xenu audit the hell out of your thetan-less ass with the biggest e-meter this side of the Galactic Confederacy! How's that for an engram?

Apparently, Nancy Cartwright let her inner thetan reveal itself without authorization from the upper echelons of Twentieth Century Fox Television. Cartwright, in case you didn't know, is the voice of Bart Simpson. In a recent robocall, she used the voice of Bart to promote Scientology, one of the silliest faux-religions around. I'd be very surprised if her contract allows her that freedom, but apparently she believes Bart can sell Scientology better than her.

Fox News put it succinctly:
If Bart Simpson did what Nancy Cartwright did, he would probably be writing "I will not use my copyrighted voice in robocalls for Scientology" 500 times on the school blackboard.

After listening to it, I think the call is a little creepy. Those little laughs...ick.

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Gustav Bertram said...

It's her voice. Let her use it as she likes.