The Amazing Water Powered Car - Just Add Woo

Some inventions are so simple that it's hard to believe the big boys haven't thought of them first...and maybe there's a reason why. Take, for example, the water powered car. Components include a mason jar, some hoses, glue, a few other odds and ends, water, and a little free energy woo. Put them all together, feed them into your engine, and proclaim to the world that you have the sought after water powered car. One man in Jacksonville, FL has done just that:
First Coast Man Has Water Powered Car In The Works
"I get 100 miles to the ounce on water," says Anthony Brown while talking about his work in progress. "I can run any water, distilled water, drinking water, tap water,"

Brown says he's close to having the answer. He's fixed his car to run on mostly water.

"Right now it's using a little bit of gas. If anything it's getting a fuel vapor. I've got the fuel injection system shut down," says Brown.

Water, as we all know, is pretty stable. That bottle of Evian doesn't really seem to have the propensity to explode in your mouth, no matter how hard you swish it around. Shake it, carbonate it, boil it, freeze it, swim in it, even pee in it - it still maintains a pretty decent safety record. I've even heard tell of some pouring water directly onto fire!

Scientists will talk at lengths about the molecular bonding energy between hydrogen and oxygen atoms. In fact, it requires a significant amount of energy to dissociate them into their separate atomic components. But you can always get that back by allowing them to recombine. They call this Conservation of Energy. Brown doesn't really tell us how he's extracting energy from water, but he does tell us where he got his inspiration:
This self-proclaimed inventor also runs the Wings of Love Ministry. He says the profits he makes from this invention will go towards helping missionaries around the world.

"I've just been asking for a way the Lord to show me to raise money rapidly and I started working on this idea," says Brown.

Tip for next time: Jesus was a carpenter, not a mechanic, chemist, nor physicist.

Brown, however, is not alone. There are many, many websites that tell you how to modify your car to run on water. However, don't believe them. Water is at a very low energy level and it is not very reactive in and of itself. To get further reaction, you will always have to add other chemicals or apply an external source of energy to break the molecule down. If people tell you otherwise, they are lying.

As an exercise for the reader, visit here for a grand tour de waterwoo. They even have testimonials.



Grant said...

Finally found a decent de-bunking reference to very popular trend of HHO power. From a local (New Zealand) guy: http://aardvark.co.nz/hho.shtml

The scammers and well meaning 'it could not hurt to try it' people see to be coming out of the woodwork with the price of gas at the moment.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to think that we tested and 'rayced' the car for two days and never used a drop of gas.
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