Friday The 13th - By Any Other Name

Ah Friday - the day of love and fertility, at least in Scandinavia. "What's that," you say? Let me elucidate. We got the name "Friday" from "Frigga's Day". Frigga was the Scandinavian goddess of love and fertility, later demoted from goddess to witch by Christians (presumably because of their unease with "love" and "fertility" and all the naughty bits that come with).

Tomorrow is a special Friday because it will be Friday the 13th (F13 for short). The bad luck has been building up ever since the last F13, and the spigot is about to be opened. What is this irrational fear of F13? I don't know because it's IRRATIONAL! Yet 10% of Americans have it and there's even a name for it: friggatriskaidekaphobia (see why I brought up Frigga?) Say it over and over until you memorize it.

Done? No you're not. Because the woo around F13 is so strong, that they've given it a 2nd name for those who don't like words starting with "frigga": paraskevidekatriaphobia

By the time you can say both of these, you should have overcome your irrational fear about a Friday like every other Friday. TGIF13

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