The Case of the Missing Lighthouse

Some people lose their keys. Some people forget where they parked. Some people mismatch their socks. And some people lose a lighthouse.

This is one of those WTF stories that, on first blush, you think must be an urban legend. Only it's not quite interesting enough to be an urban legend...no kidneys stolen, no scuba diver found in a tree, no nothing that will really ever become a viral web sensation. But it does point out the undeniable power of bureaucracy and red tape to be able to misplace something as significant as a lighthouse.

Cape lighthouse found in California

Lost to history more than 80 years ago, a Cape Cod lighthouse has been found almost 3,000 miles away in California.

The fate of the 30-foot cast iron tower that once stood at Mayo Beach in Wellfleet was discovered by a group of lighthouse researchers while digitally archiving historic photographs late last year.

See here for more details.

Granted, this was the Coast Guard that lost a lighthouse, but by extension, what hope does the government have in hiding alien technology in Area 51?

But if you simply must have your daily dose of woo, be sure to drop by this blog and pay homage to the powers of precognition.
Earlier today (4:13 pm) I noticed a smudge on a tissue I was going to use. The image made by the smudge was so clear. It was a lighthouse. The Big Holy is telling me some lighthouse is about to be the center of a significant news story. Not getting a location at this time.


Erica said...

My Dad used to be a Coast Guard lighthouse keeper, ages and ages ago. He worked in Maine, though, so he's not responsible for this one 8)

And why you would move a lighthouse across a continent is completely beyond me!

Rawley said...

Why would you move a bridge from England to Arizona?