Uri Geller Loses Another One

Uri Geller, the parlor trick magician who has claimed his powers are real, is the consummate suitor - by which I mean he'll sue ya if you even look at him funny. But alas and alack, it looks like he's lost yet another one.
Celebrity psychic loses lawsuit over ex-Elvis home
Celebrity psychic Uri Geller and two partners have lost a federal lawsuit claiming the former owners of Elvis Presley's pre-Graceland house breached an eBay contract to sell the Memphis home.

Geller, who gained fame in the 1970s for his alleged power to bend spoons and other objects with his mind, and his partners bid $905,100 for the ranch-style home in a 2006 auction by owners Cindy Hazen and Mike Freeman.

The best thing to do at a time like this...hide your spoons!

BTW, despite Geller defeating MIND-WAVE and his fearsome Think Tank, the dynamic duo of Hazen and Freeman proved more than a match for him.

Is Geller really defeated? Are his powers failing? Is that really a magnet on his thumb?? Find out next ish.

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