First Quantum Image Shows Ghost Skulls!!!

Through the eons, people have wondered if the world of the paranormal resides within the mysteries of the quantum universe. Now, the first ever photo taken using a phenomenon called "Quantum Entanglement" has produced a startling result - an eerie, ghostlike skull! What's more, the process produces a reversed 2nd image - an eerie, skull-like ghost! The details are difficult to understand, so visiting the science page is a waste of time. The important thing is that the visage of death has been received from the quantum realm. Science proves it!

It is only natural to expect that certain people are attuned to the quantum-energies on the quantum scale, giving them the capability to amplify quantumly-entangled signals from the beyond, generating holographic quantum-images within their brains. I.e. they can "see" with "Quantum Vision". And now, with the aid of ultraScience, we too can see.

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