Alien Peeping Tom

When aliens arrive on Earth, what will they do first? Contact world leaders? Meet with our best scientists? Peek into Jeff Peckman's window?

Jeff Peckman is only the latest kook who has fallen for the UFO nonsense, going so far as to push for a ballot initiative that would require Denver to create a commission to deal with alien visitors from another planet. He also goes for the conspiracy nonsense as well, claiming in the following interview that
1) Air Force cadets receive training in how to deal with ufos
2) FEMA has held hundreds of workshops on dealing with this issue
3) there's some elite group at the federal level that has been on this since...their training was dated April 1954
He admits that his sources were from emails and blogs with a "take it with a grain of salt" attitude, but he personally forgets the salt when he concludes "obviously resources are being spent".


He only needs 4000 signatures to place this wackiness on the Denver ballot, and he'll probably get them. Denver's a big city. However, it will be interesting to see if this gets passed. Personally, I think he should also push for a ballot to change the state song:

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