A&E's Cheap Thrill

Ugh. Our market forces at work - A&E succumbs to easy woo.
Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal
In this special spotlighting psychic kids, we will focus on three compelling psychic and/or mediumistic kids (ages 10-17) as they learn to manage the gift they have been given. Like real life "Heroes", these kids feel isolated and alone, set apart from the other "normal" kids because of the burden of their powers. We will meet them at their home, in their own environment, to experience what they are dealing with before they come to a very special three day "camp" that will offer invaluable support and guidance from the professional psychics. Paranormal State psychic Chip Coffey helps these kids through this three day transformational experience.

Didn't Chip Coffey make his appearance in The Amazing Spiderman #128 (still only 25 cents!)?


Erica said...


Y'know, when I was ten, I thought I was psychic. I would send nasty thoughts at people and was convinced it would make their day worse. Children like that need to get a clue and not be MORE encouraged to think of themselves as the center of the universe.

What a bunch of screwed up children must come out of that camp. Ugh.

The skepTick said...

I still send nasty thoughts to these people...it may not make their day worse, but it makes mine better :)

Erica said...

Oh hell yeah, they still get nasty thoughts -- I just don't expect it to work. I guess that's SORT of maturity, right? 8)