73% Of Atheists Don't Believe In God

Another amazing coincidence. I haven't been to the Improbable Research website at all in the past two years. I found myself going there today based on a link about their Improbable Research Videos that they've just started posting. Later on in the afternoon, I came across an interesting news item, clicked the link...and found myself back at the Improbable Research website!

But never mind that...mind this: 73% of atheists don't believe in God...so that means that 27% must believe in God...which means they can't be atheists...and this implies that these 27% have no clue what an atheist is, but yet they identify themselves as one...which means they must think it's cool to be an atheist.

Sha...tell me something I don't already know. And without further adieu, here's the article which I can't improve on:
Social Science Lesson: What Americans believe
Today’s news delivers a great lesson for anyone who doubts that Americans are very, very religious. Here’s how religious Americans are: Only 73 percent of the athiests don’t believe in god.

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