Five Feet Found Floating Freely

A weird news story begging for gallows humor, British Columbia officials have reported a fifth foot has been found floating in the waters around B.C. this year. I'll stay away from the global warming connection (you know, the apparent 5 ft rise in sea level) and take you directly to the story:

5th foot found on B.C.'s south coast
A couple out for a walk in the 2800 block of Savage Road spotted a shoe floating in the water around 10:30 a.m. and called police, she said.

Investigators said it's a left foot.

"Right now we're working very closely with the B.C. coroners service to identity the person whose remains we have recovered," Brooks said.

Four right feet, each wearing a sock and sneaker, have been discovered in the province since August.

Awright awright...I know this story isn't really humerus or even fabulous. But it is fibulaless!

(Big toes up to Swim At Your Own Risk for sniffing this one out)

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Codswallop said...

The human feet get discarded for the same reason as chicken feet--not much meat on 'em. Ask any Great White.