Religulous Trailer

The trailer for Bill Maher's forthcoming movie Religulous has finally been released.

You can find the high quality stuff over at Apple's website. Lions Gate films has a bare bones website up...with a short, funny flash animation. Whether you like Bill Maher or not, this film is certain to generate some controversy, making the "offensive" billboard look like a bumper sticker. The director, Larry Charles (of Borat fame), says
Comedian, acerbic commentator, raconteur, skeptic, seeker Bill Maher and I set off in search of answers to these questions in a raunchy, rude, irreverent, outrageous, and shocking nonfiction film about the greatest fiction ever told.

Set to the rhythms of “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Jesus Walks,” from the Western Wall to the Vatican, from self-professed messiahs to self professed Pariahs, we will not only expose the hypocrisy and corruption in organized religion but the absurdly hilarious logic that holds it together.

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