Is This Billboard Offensive? Fox News Thinks So.

Fox News thinks so.

In an interview with Steve Rade of the Greater Philadelphia Coalition of Reason, Fox News correspondent Douglas Kennedy said
This billboard in Philadelphia seems to represent a trend of a new assertiveness, even aggressiveness on the part of atheists.
Aggressiveness? OMFG! What is aggressive about this sign? To be assertive is aggressive?? It's clear the Fox News is pandering more to their base of right wing Christian conservatives than reporting actual news. Go run a search on the Fox News website for Kieffe. Now that was an aggressive ad, but because it came from the Christian right, you won't find it on Fox. Is that what they call "Fair and Balanced"?

The interview concludes

KENNEDY: And Rade admits he would prefer if everyone was an atheist. He says the world would be a better place without institutionalized religion, Bill and Megyn.

BILL HEMMER, CO-HOST: We can find some people who disagree with that?

KELLY: I should think so.

Way to pimp religion. Talk about offensive.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least it's not a picture of a stacked skank in a police costume telling folks she can cure them of their religion as you see over on the BAs web site.

The skepTick said...

I looked for it...maybe not hard enough. Do you know the link for it?


Anonymous said...

The ads on BAs site are served dynamically. It could be the site that was being advertised is no longer buying ads. I'm sure the BA did not actually solicit the ads, they tend to be served up based on context in an automated fasion. The ads were for: http://www.rationalresponders.com/