MySpace Woes - Me Thinking Out Loud

The top google search terms at this particular moment are:

1. myspace login
2. gilroy gardens
3. myspace down
4. myspace uk
5. what s wrong with myspace
6. myspace not working
7. www.myspace.com
8. what happened to myspace
9. myspace home
10. myspace problems
11. my space
12. myspace news
13. my space.com

Makes you wonder...what the heck is going on with Gilroy Gardens??

And who enters "www.myspace.com" as a search term anyway?


Rawley said...

I think its an IE booboo. Happens to me every now and again, I'll type in a perfectly fine web address and it takes me to a search page instead, with that address as the top find.

Erica said...

I find it hilarious that if myspace isn't working, myspace members immediately start desperately searching for answers on what caused the problem (and, presumably, how soon they can be back on myspace).

The skepTick said...

Yeah...me too. Except there was that time blogger was down for an hour. I almost slit my wrists.