Udder Insanity!

I've heard about claims like this...always figured this nuttiness was an urban legend. Turns out, some people really do think this way.
A rancher in Las Animas County, Colorado made a shocking and gruesome discovery over the weekend. He found a mutilated cow by the Purgatoire River.
Duran has a theory about what happened. "We have other life out there and I think that's what it is," said Duran.

Duran says he thinks aliens abducted the cow, carved it up and then dropped it back by the river. He doesn't have proof, but claims to have seen some strange sights in the Colorado skies above his ranch. "Like a round circle in the air," said Duran. "I've watched them and then they just disappear," he said.



cleanser said...

I heard once (so take it for what it's worth) that cattle mutilation tended to be highly correlated by counties. In regions with a sheriff who was likely to agree that aliens killed your cow, there were cattle mutilations, and if the local law thought beef-loving UFO's were a load of hooey, there weren't any cattle mutilations. If you were a rancher and found a dead cow, you could get the insurance company to pay out if said sheriff agreed it didn't die of natural causes. In short, it's insurance fraud.

yunshui said...

A round circle in the air? Isn't that, y'know, the Sun?