UFO or pterodactyl over Argentinian lake?
A strange object photographed over a lake in Argentina has been described as either a flying saucer or a flying dinosaur.
So that's it? Woo or woo. No other choices? Shall we mourn the loss of creativity at the Telegraph? Has unabashed tabloid journalism stunted their imagination? Are the depths of fecundity only waist high?? One needs only study the picture to realize it's obviously a fat, drunk witch slumped over on her broomstick, trying not to puke as she lurches home. And no, this time I'm not talking about my mother.

More pics here.


bigjohn756 said...

That is obviously a helicopter. It may be an upside down helicopter at that. Hard to determine from this blurry photo.
I am not sure, but, it seems to me that an upside down helicopter may be in trouble. If not, then a helicopter crash reported in the area would be a clue.

GooseBreeder said...

Yup it's a light aircraft,even a amateur can tell that!