" 'Expelled Exposed' -- Exposed" -- Exposed!

Bruce Chapman's most recent post at the Discovery Institute's Evolution News and Views purports to "expose" the Expelled Exposed website:
The folks at the National Center for Science Education have set up a website to attack the film Expelled before it ever gets into movie theaters. It undoubtedly will be a resource for those already organized to damn the film as quickly and thoroughly as possible. This is the ideology of the NCSE, which, after all, is not what it sounds like, but a lobby for Darwinian evolution.
But the NCSE site only provides links to movie reviews, news, and relative blog postings. Eugenie Scott has said that the site will go active the day before Expelled opens to provide the truth about the movie. Until then, it is just a minimal resource page. We're all waiting to see what will be put forward. Yet, Chapman "exposes" the site for attacking a movie that has not even been released yet...and he fails to see the irony that the site itself is still in the womb??

In the meantime, Chapman and others at DI are spinning like worms on a hook, trying to deflect criticisms lodged against the film and they're working overtime on the holocaust charge (you know, how they uses images and film clips to tie Darwinism and Evolution to the cause of the holocaust, without actually directly saying this...or at least that's how they're portraying it)
The latest is that they deplore the claim that Darwin caused the Holocaust, even though the film does not say that at all. It does say—in one segment—that Darwinism influenced the development of Nazi ideology, and that not only is true, but demonstrated in the film itself in visits Ben Stein makes to a sanatorium near Dachau where, in the 30s, developmental disabled people were brought ostensibly for treatment, and killed instead. The director of the Hademar facility readily acknowledges the Nazi’s debt to Darwin. Then there are the Nazi propaganda films used in Germany to drum up support for the ruthless eugenics program they Nazis perpetrated. Instead of answering THAT, the Darwinists, as I say, set a straw man that has the film claiming that the Holocaust was solely caused by Darwinism, or even poor old Darwin himself. This is dishonest and worthy of critical censure itself.
Just like burying creationism behind the robes of Intelligent Design, they are now trying to back away from their Holocaust-Evolution claim by saying they never made it. I think movie goers are sophisticated enough to see their charge for what it is. But, I also think that most movie goers are sophisticated enough to pass this film by.

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