Arghhhh! Sarah Palin's Email Hacked!

So, what's the difference between hockey-mom governors and pit bulls?
Pit Bulls don't conduct official business over hackable email accounts!

With just about everything Sarah Palin said during her acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention now proved wrong, who is she to complain about anyone being "inconsistent and purposefully misleading"?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, check this out.

She was wrong about her original stance on the infamous Bridge to Nowhere. She was wrong about visiting Iraq. She was misleading in saying she visited Ireland. She was wrong in implying that past VP candidates, like her, hadn't met with foreign dignitaries prior to their campaigns. She was wrong about how much energy and/or oil Alaska supplies to the U.S.

Is it any wonder she's been kept away from the press? On most accounts, she's either lying, intentionally misleading, or making clueless misstatements.

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