Clay Aiken Prediction Confirmed

On May 4, 2008, a self-described PRECOG posted the following:
I feel a famous sports figure, musical star, actor/actress of TV or Movies will soon be outed or decide to come out of the closet. Let me clarify that it will be one person from some well known field of endeavor as I listed. This might be a shocker. When it happens you will see where I was heading.
Then, after waiting for just under five months, the prediction came true. On September 24, 2008, Clay Aiken announced to the world that he was gay. For some, this might have been a shocker, and when it happened, we saw where the PRECOG was heading. To put this remarkable feat in perspective, you have to realize that there is only a finite number of famous sports figures, musical stars, actors of TV, actresses of TV, actors of movies, and actresses of movies in the ENTIRE world. The percentage of the total human population that fulfills these requirements is very small. In all likelihood, you are probably not one of them (and remember, if you think you are, you have to also be famous - which you're not). Then, in only 143 days (barely four tenths of a year), one of them must come out of the closet. This happened in under half a year, folks! And if you don't think the powers of the PRECOG are significant, then when was the last time you predicted someone famous will come out of the closet and it actually happens in 143 days?

By the way, if you're planning a water voyage in the near (or far) future, I'd recommend against it, because the PRECOG has just come out with another prediction:
Some type of water craft, most likely a big ship possibly a cruise ship or other, will be in trouble and a rescue may ensue. It will be newsworthy and we may get footage of this incident. I'm not sure at this time what that may be. Could it be an iceberg again? Or a rogue wave?
Something that floats on the water will get into trouble and a rescue may be necessary...and you'll know it when it happens because it will be on the news. And it could be due to an ice berg (as in the thing that brought down the Titanic). Or it could be a large wave...a rogue wave (as in the thing that brought down the Poseidon in that famous movie). Although I'm not a PRECOG, I'm willing to bet it could even be an ice berg riding a rogue wave! And a starving polar bear might be on the ice berg (anyone but me heard of global warming?). And though the wave and ice berg will cause the damage and sink the ship, it's the polar bear that will end up paddling after you and your rubber life boat. Like for 3 days, maybe...just him steadily, patiently paddling and you rowing like hell. And there will be some kind of bond that develops between the two of you. You know, that "I'm going to eat you...I really don't want to be eaten...mutual respect" kind of bond. Although you'll be spared, the bear will attack the Coast Guard rescuer, whose last thought will be "WTF? Polar bear!!!" I'm not sure but when it happens you'll know where I was heading. Again, I'm not a PRECOG. I just have these sneaking suspicions every now and then...


sadrok said...

... yet for some reason I was under the impression that Clay is gay for the past few months. What gives?

The skepTick said...

You must be one of the very few who were not shocked. I don't think anyone saw this coming...

melior said...

It's just like Woody Allen's sketch about Nostradamus:

"Two nations shall go to war, but only one will win."

"A man in Istanbul will have his hat blocked, and it will be ruined."