The Discovery Institute Bares All

The Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture has shed their white scientist smock to reveal the religious vestments we knew were there all along. They've dropped all pretense of objectivity with their new website, Faith + Evolution. Obviously, Jonathan Wells and co. were getting uncomfortable with the restraint on their evangelizing, especially with the million dollar microphones they wield. Or perhaps it was their rich benefactors demanding they address religion, folding it into their pseudoscience (as if they hadn't already). Curiously, they chose to attack Francis Collins first with their headlining article "Is Francis Collins Right About Evolution?" That's like Beetle Bailey questioning Sarge.

At least now they have a vehicle for their Wedge Document to reside in, with appropriate cover for when it is again revealed to the world (2nd coming of the wedge?). Also, it will be fun to watch their banner evolve over time. Recall the CSC's original banner (when it was known as the Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture):

which eventually evolved into this (see The National Center for Science Education for details):


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