ScienceDaily Headline Gives More Ammo to the ID Crowd

Stephen Meyer of the Discovery Institute has been going around hawking he new book, Signature In The Cell, torturing analogies as needed to support Intelligent Design. For instance, he claims the cell has information storage scheme similar to the files and folders we use on computers today. Now, ScienceDaily News gives Meyer a juicy headline, seemingly made just for him:
Scientists Find Early Evolution Maximized The 'Spellchecking' Of Protein Sequences
As letters of the alphabet spell out words, when amino acids are linked to one another in a particular order they "spell out" proteins. But sometimes the cell machinery for building proteins in our bodies makes a mistake and the wrong amino acid is inserted. The consequences can be devastating, resulting in a garbled protein that no longer has the correct function, possibly leading to cancers and other diseases.

Such is the risk when trying to make complex subjects more accessible to the public.

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