Great STS-129 Shuttle Launch Highlights Video

I thought this was a very cool video. It captures the STS-129 mission launch from the many different cameras and a variety of angles. You can follow the solid rocket boosters from separation to splashdown. You can watch the ignition of the main engines and SRBs and follow liftoff from both fore and aft directions. It's a little long with the credits and I couldn't get sound...but who needs sound in space? Eh?

(h/t Nasawatch)


bigjohn756 said...

It would be very nice if someone who knew what he was doing would add some appropriate sound to this. Also, Some nice effects would smooth the transitions a lot. Nonetheless, it got my rapt attention.

Anonymous said...

It was a wonderfully image that your NASA people made -Congratulation to your hard work and imaginations to make everything so beautiful too.