How Did Those People Get Into Heaven?

Sarah Trachtenberg brought up a good point I hadn't thought of before in a comment she left at The Hypatian Shore. Supposedly, Christ died for our sins. Even if you were born and led a godly life, you still were stuck with original sin. So, you can't get into heaven without worshiping Jesus as the one true Son. So, as Sarah pointed out, what happened to everyone who came before Christ? How the hell did they get into heaven?

And while we're on the subject, did everyone killed in the flood go to hell? You would think so - after all, God didn't seem to like them very much. Seems like there have been huge swaths of people denied entrance to the party.

I'm sure the Christians have a convoluted explanation involving the fall and original sin. But I'd like to here one that uses the analogy of God as bouncer and everyone else trying to pay the cover charge.


CybrgnX said...

That is the exact two points that started my trip from the almost-priest to atheist. Original sin and Hell started to make no sense without the existence of the psychotic g0d which lead me to the no g0d. It was the implications that come from their silly beliefs that lead to their rejections by intelligent thinking people.

Anonymous said...

If god created all men but only made a covenant with the jews that also means that all those people who were born in other countries or were never taught about god or jesus also went to hell these far outnumber the jews and were therefore brought into existance by god for the express purpose of filling hell.
Islam has the same problem that if mohammed was the last and final prophet and the giver of the real religion then what happened to all the people in the new world who were born after mohammeds death as they could not possibly hear about islam is there were no prophets to teach them and no one could go as a missionary as it was not discoverd for nearly a thousand years after his death.

Anonymous said...

The justification given to wipe out the planet during the alleged flood that Christian apologists will level is that all people were wicked because they were offspring of bad angels -- the sons of god mated with human women.

It's funny because it only expounds the problem they hope to solve -- like drowning children.

Melissa Trible said...

Well, one could argue that those who get a "pass" into heaven by virtue of faith in Jesus (or whatever) are like those who get waved past the long line waiting to get into a club because they're VIPs of some sort. Doesn't necessarily mean that the people waiting in line *won't* get in. Presumably, if "believing in Jesus" is the entry fee, then the ones "in line" just have to believe posthumously. Or something.

Of course, one could put a lot of interpretations on that kind of thing...