Mandating Religion In Schools?

In an effort that is destined to go nowhere, a woman in Redding, California is getting signatures on a ballot to mandate the singing of Christmas carols in public schools. Merry Hyatt, apparently unable to comprehend the concept of 'Separation of Church and State', is seeking to actively promote the expression of one religion in her local schools.

She is a recent transplant to Redding and quickly installed herself in the Redding Tea Party Patriots. Tea Party Patriots, as we all know, are really starting to feel their oats. They have a particular fundamentalist view of what America should be based on their interpretations of a mythical American history. Meryy Hyatt is no different.
Hyatt, a substitute teacher who moved to Redding from Riverside, said her motivation for the initiative was to help restore children's moral compasses by inviting Jesus to school Christmas parties.

"He's the prince of peace; he's the only one who can get these kids to stop being so violent," she said in November.

Hyatt said she believes it is Americans' First Amendment right to worship.
"It's our right to have freedom to worship," she said. "That's why we came to this country. They came to be Christians and they're trying to take that away. They're out of line; we're not." (link)
Once these efforts fail, I expect her next initiative will be to mandate circumcision.

You can find the text of the initiative here (pdf warn).


Capheind said...

Except, as I understand it, didn't the boarderline mythical "Protestant Founders Of Our Nation" Try to outlaw Christmas because it was a pagan holiday?

Anonymous said...

The argument that these guys always run is the freedom to Christianize™ everyone else with your tax dollars.

The skepTick said...

Like I said...they work on their own interpretation of a mythical founding of the U.S.

GooseBreeder said...

The problem for today's kids is their parents and the lack of parenting skills.God's got nothing to do with it.