Bigfoot Masters

As is the case with all that is woo, the recent Bigfoot press conference revealed little about evidence for the supposed discovery of Bigfoot. On the contrary, it showed more about the art of woo than anything else: more promises in the future, fuzzy photographs, and a strange cast of characters. In the end, we can conclude that this was nothing more than pure showmanship. Again, Cryptomundo gives a great rundown on this unfolding saga. What I find interesting is the press coverage and the obvious disdain they have, as if it's suddenly ok to be a skeptic - yet they run the story anyway and give it undeserving air time. Is the news so dull today that they find this obvious farce to be worthy of attention?

This is one of those stories that spikes viewership briefly before drifting off over the horizon. But there was SO LITTLE substance to it that the media response seems, well, strange. What can motivate two nobodies from Georgia to suddenly step into the public laser beam with their peculiar tale, offbeat video, and manufactured drama? I have three theories:

1) If Sanjaya can become famous, then why couldn't they?
2) A chance to win the $1,000,000 Sasquatch Photo Challenge
3) Marketing themselves for T.V.

I'm putting my money on #3. I think they're trying to position themselves as wacky bigfoot hunters with a pickup truck, firearms, and an inbred innate backwoods tracking sense. The following video might be their audition tape:

That clip brought back memories of one of my all time favorite T.V. shows. It was local to the Bay Area of California and ran for one or two seasons in the midnight timeslot. It never caught on by I still loved the utter silliness of it. I think these so-called Bigfoot Hunters are trying to become the next Fishmasters, though they can only ever aspire to such greatness.

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