Thawing Bigfoot Has Pungent Odor Of Hoax

It is to laugh.

A couple of good ol' boys from Georgia have definitive proof that Bigfoot is real - they have the body. Although they announced their find on an internet radio show two weeks ago, they said they would only let Jack Biscardi see the body. During those two weeks, the "creature" defrosted, ended up soaking in its own juices for a while until the Georgia duo made an ice run to their local Piggly Wiggly. So we can tell one thing for sure right off the bat: brains are in short supply with this group.

So, who is Tom Biscardi? A biologist? An anthropologist? A zoologist? A forensic expert? Bzzzt. None of the above. How does CEO of Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. grab you? That's the kind of objectivity we need to classify this supposed find. Biscardi was (perhaps still is) a Las Vegas promoter who is now host of the Bigfoot Live interwebz radio. He's even got his own tagline: "The Real Deal Guy - and that's no typo on my part, it really does only come with the one quotation mark.

Here he is on FoxNews promoting a press conference for Friday.

Don't you just love that he poked the body? Yup, that's the science of zoology and species classification at its best. All the press conference gory details can be found at this painful website. As for other news sources...well, there are tons. Woo burns blazingly bright. Amazingly, even respected sources like the NY Times will print just about anybody's far fetched claim. What's next? The Bat Boy?
“This is ‘Eureka!’ man,” said Mr. Biscardi, whose operations include a Bigfoot Web site, a Bigfoot merchandise line and a Bigfoot Internet radio show. “I touched it.”

Both Mr. Biscardi and Mr. Dyer said they expected skeptics to discount the find, which is being kept in a freezer in an undisclosed location outside Atlanta. But they promised even more proof, including video, a DNA test and, of course, a mission to capture one of the big guys.

“I’m not asking anyone to believe us,” Mr. Dyer said. “I’m just asking them to sit and watch, because you’re going to eat your words.”
Biscardi has been down this path before. He has claimed that he had actually captured a bigfoot. Here's the pattern - first you have the claim. Let's take a stroll back to August 2005.
On Friday night's program, Biscardi claimed his group had captured one of the creatures and he would be presenting photos of it on Monday.
Next Biscardi followed up on his earlier promise to capture a Bigfoot during an appearance on Coast to Coast AM, by announcing to George Noory on Friday, August 19, 2005, that, according to Biscardi, his team (although Biscardi hadn't seen it), had in captivity for over a week, a 17 year old, male, over 400 pounds, 8 foot tall Bigfoot. Biscardi stumbled during the show and although he had earlier said the Bigfoot was 800 pounds, told George Noory had misheard him. (Noory would play back, on the August 22nd appearance, that Noory had gotten it right.) Furthermore, inquiring listeners emailing me wanted to know how can anyone, with a straight face, claim they know a Bigfoot is 17 years old?

Then there's the hype, the basking in the glory of media lights, the meteoric rise in hits to your website (where the links to your bigfoot store are prominently displayed), and the general dizziness that accompanies surges of idiocy.

And then comes the truth:
First hour guest, Tom Biscardi offered an explanation and apology related to his earlier claims (made on Friday's show) that he had a Bigfoot in captivity. He now says he was misled by an acquaintance of his colleague, Peggy Marx. The acquaintance, who lives in Stagecoach, Nevada, had told them of an injured Bigfoot that was being cared for by two veterinarians. As the details of her story began to unravel, Biscardi said he eventually concluded that her reports were false.

Finally, Biscardi will try to pin the blame on - who? Probably skeptics, because they're always the one trying to bring him down a notch.

Cryptomundo has a great analysis of the story so far. However, we'll know more after the press conference where T-shirts may be available, but the body of bigfoot won't.

But if this indeed a hoax, why go through all the trouble? Well, you wouldn't, especially when your honor and integrity is at stake. But, honor and integrity does have a price, especially for former Las Vegas promoters, and in this case, the price might just be $1 million. All it takes is a photograph.

Lastly, these Georgia boys might have a little problem. Don't they know you shouldn't be messin' with Sasquatch?

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