A New Kind of Woo

What the heck is in our water supply? What the heck is in our oxygen supply? Everywhere we look, the visible spectrum is rainbows. We all know this wasn't something that happened 20 years ago, but now it's happening now.

What is oozing out of our ground?
Just outside five sigma on the bell curve of woo comes a new level of wackiness.

Insane Rainbow Conspiracy Lady - Watch more free videos

For further entertainment, more can be found here.


Laurel said...

I haven't encountered crazy this major since I worked at Kinko's making copies for the likes of James Shelby Downard, Jr. in the

That poor woman.

Cleanser said...

My four-year-old wandered in, and said, "Oh, a rainbow!"

"Yup," say I, "like we see in our sprinklers all the time, right?"


[Pause while crazy lady blathered about metallic salts.]

"Mommy, why is she so scared? It's sooo pretty!"

She may well live on a Superfund site or some similarly nasty environment, but IT'S JUST A FREAKIN' RAINBOW, LADY!

And not seeing rainbows is not a constitutional freedom :P

Yojimbo said...

Obviously, the laws of physics are slightly different on her planet...

yunshui said...

So twenty years ago, light refracted differently? Why hasn't she won a Nobel Prize for this incredible discovery?

Oddly enough, I remember seeing rainbows in sprinklers all the time when I was a kid - my Dad used them as a way of explaining the diffraction of the visible spectrum (science geek parents are great!) How long ago was that? Oh... must be about twenty years back...

The skepTick said...

Oh just check out the videos on her YouTube site. Light diffraction is nothing...wait until you see her reaction when wind causes her camera to vibrate. It's a conspiracy of mammoth proportions and the leading cause of why she lives in a crumbling house.