Another Psychic Fraud

Yet another 'psychic' who bilked a senior citizen out of a lot of money.
San Mateo 'psychic' faces eviction from Laurelwood Shopping Center
A San Mateo woman who allegedly swindled a senior citizen out of more than $80,000 during psychic and Tarot readings could lose her business as soon today.
Prosecutors say Adams took $80,330 from an 85-year-old female client with threats that the woman's husband would die of a heart attack if she didn't pay for "special prayers."
Same old story - vulnerable person taken advantage of by psychics. This method is used by all the charlatans of the world. It's one of the reasons I believe psychics should be banned from doing business. But this particular evil went much too far based on observations from a visit by the police to the psychic's shop:
San Mateo police also had taped a search warrant to another window, and the previously tidy shop appeared to have been ransacked Friday morning. A pile of papers and objects littered the floor, and a holiday elf clad in red and green lay face down in front of the entrance.
(sniff) A dead elf over the holidays. How can anyone believe in a god after this??

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