ID Booby Meeting

Friends, the Loyal Order of Intelligent Design Boobies will be meeting, according to this posting, on January 31, 2009, to hold a debate entitled Darwin vs. Design (and why it matters). Come early, booby prizes will be given at the door, as well as to each speaker. Hosted by the Discovery Institute [that bastion of scientific thinking which aims to whitewash over the theory of evolution and replace it with "God did it something really intelligent did it (just not an alien)"], the speakers are also members of the Discovery Institute. These luminary boobies include Dr. John West, Geoffrey Simmons (for comic relief), and Casey Luskin (junior grand poobah of upper butt crack). Apparently, no one from the "other side" wants to join in their reindeer games.

And just as apparently, the Discovery Institute is about to discover the sound of one hand clapping.

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