H2O + Einstein = Homeopathy

Energy equals the speed of light (E = c) and Stephen Hawkings gave us string theory. Cells are tiny and we are made of cells, therefore we have infinitesimal mass, therefore we are energy. We can't create or destroy energy, all we can do is transform it. Disease then is energy that has been transformed from a good state to a bad state. All we have to do is transform it back to the good state by using other energy: light, sound, homeopathy. Because of string theory, everything has a vibration. We vibrate with a plant, a mineral, or an animal. A pellet with the right energy vibrations can be used to return your bad energy state to a good one. "It's so miraculous, it's so exciting."

None of what Dr. Werner said has any basis in science. She either has no idea what she's talking about or she's making it all up. The only factual thing she said was "a dog poops in the yard". Now that I can believe.

(Found at Admirável Mundo Louco)

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stavros said...

The best part is when she says that because mass is infinitesimal we can cross it out of the equation! So E=mc^2 becomes E=c^2! WTF?!?

The sad part is that she is a doctor... Talk about good science education.