The Jabberwocky of the Dark Ages

Sometimes, wacky woo can be painful to read. I'm not sure what Theresa J. Thurmond Morris (aka TA RA SA aka Tara) really believes, but somehow I get the feeling I'm witnessing a slow descent into insanity. It's certain that someone has already left the world of reality behind. Her daft articles are reminiscent of TimeCube though lacking the same crazy creativity.
ALIEN UFO Psychic to be revealed on ABC TV: "I have always known that the aliens and UFOs existed but now since I have gone public as a paranormal writer since 2007, I am now a public figure and will even appear on an ABC television show called “WIFE SWAP”. I pose on a reality TV program as a “Psychic”. I say pose because I actually am so much more in this world and prefer to be called an Ontologist , Intuitive Reader, Sensitive, Medium, Seer, Prophetess, or there are many other more kinder names that psychic. But, the most popular term in the world for sake of being found as one who assists others with their spiritual ascension path is the movie version of what at one time was referred to as a gypsy ."
Apparently, she can't get enough of herself...she just has a problem of defining herself:
I will be an ascension being, also known as a alien hybrid, an intelligent being, also known as a human being on earth, who is a paid professional actress, who is actually asked to play herself as a qualified psychic, on a television show that will be seen by many in the real world. A real female in a human body, a real paid psychic, on a real television show, that is called a reality show.
I imagine a home, closed curtains, odd smells, and lots of bubble bath. Her nonsense lacks the substance of a twisted genius which would make it a truly worthwhile read. Even so, crap like this is can turn up a gem every now and then, one which I came in handy as the post title:
I am about unlocking the door to the Jabberwocky of the Dark Ages and the 21st Century. I am what is after Dec. 21, 2012. We began the new Ascension Center in 2007. Are you awake yet enough to know whether you are an interesting ascension being?(ref)

How appropriate that she references a poem of nonsense verse.


Theresa Morris said...

There are no accidents in life. Only JABBERWOCKIES LIKE ME! THANKS FOR THE HELP! I truly appreciate all you do to support me in my life and efforts on becoming HUMAN! I LOVE THE JABBERWOCKY of the Dark Ages and hope that this was what you wanted! I am a writer first and a human second, the essence in the existence is all that strive for the rest is well human! See you in the NEXT LIFE! TJ

The skepTick said...

The bright side of life can be oh so bright!