The Travails of Wade Frazier

What would you do if you were offered a BILLION dollars? That's right...with 'B'. As in BUH-BYE. If you're Wade Frazier, you turn it down, let the government destroy your company, and then go to jail for two years. Well, that is the story according to Wade Frazier. And all you really ever wanted to do was to provide the world with free energy.

Fortunate for us, Wade now has a website with some 1200 pages of free energy knowledge...no, wait...just some random stuff. Apparently the government destroyed the knowledge behind free energy when it destroyed his company.

See New Energy and Abundance Paradigm Radio Show with Wade Frazier if you must. You can find a link to his site from there, but I won't give him the satisfaction here. These tactics are the same ones that Kevin Trudeau uses (also a convicted felon, if you'll recall). I can't wait for the next best seller, Free Energy "They" Don't Want You to Know About.


Wade Frazier said...

January 2, 2009

I rarely respond to what people write about me in cyberspace, but since this is by a self-proclaimed “skeptic” and is such a fine example of how organized skepticism plies its trade, a response seems warranted. Since I have only encountered one female “skeptic,” I think I am fairly safe to call skepTick a man.

For starters, I never claimed that I turned down a billion dollars or went to jail. My former partner did, so skepTick’s post quickly lost whatever claim to rational inquiry that it may have aspired to.

After misrepresenting my claims, skepTick then commits a straw man fallacy related to my site. His straw man argument:


claims that my site purports to provide “free energy knowledge,” when I have never made that claim, and in fact, I point people where to go if they want to try building a free energy device:


The completion of his straw man logical fallacy is to then state that my site is not related to free energy knowledge (and, for the record, the government did not destroy our knowledge, just our company and many lives). My site is not related to free energy only if the reader wears reductionistic blinders. The important free energy issues are not really about science and technology, and a comprehensive perspective is needed to grasp them. Brian O’Leary understands,


as do some others, but not many do, least of all the “skeptics.”

Most of my site is related to the free energy issue in one way or another, and I make the connections clear throughout my site, including in my most recent essay:


He finishes his post by calling me a convicted felon and stating that I plan to sell a book. Since I am not selling anything, have never accepted any compensation for my writings and doubt that I ever will, my “tactics” are not similar to Kevin Trudeau’s, so skepTick’s post now slides into libelous territory.

His brother in arms, Mr. Skeptic:


for all his dishonest attacks on my former partner and myself over the years, rarely packed this many lies and logical fallacies into a few sentences, which is what makes skepTick’s post noteworthy. Ironically, the only criminal behavior evident here is skepTick’s post about me.

I have yet to encounter a “skeptic” worthy of the crown they placed on their heads: of being honest, truth-seeking voices of science and reason. I may have never met an honest one, and that skepTick cannot even get his basic facts right before attacking is standard “skeptical” behavior. The Orwellian aspect of their approach is that they claim to speak for rationality and honest inquiry, when their actions nearly invariably reflect the opposite motivation. Low personal integrity is perhaps humanity’s most consistent failing:


So, on one hand, exposing the dishonesty of organized skepticism may seem redundant. However, they portray themselves as bastions of rationality and honest inquiry, so laying bare their dishonesty, hypocrisy and irrationality seems appropriate, particularly when I am a target of their attacks.

He did not provide a link to my site to give me any “satisfaction,” but I will provide him satisfaction by linking to his site from mine:


I’ll do what I can to help skepTick’s work receive the recognition it so richly deserves.

Wade Frazier

Anonymous said...

If you haven't visited Wade's web site and learned something from those 1,200 pages I encourage you to do so. This guy is so well read and writes so eloquently that I could spend the next five years full time picking his brain if he would let me.

It truly amazes me how this guy could openly attack Mr. Frazier like that with such bold faced lies and believe that at the same time that he could have any credibility as a "skepTick" anywhere in cyberspace. Just compare the 5th grade attitude of the original post with with Mr. Frazier's intelligent rebuttal.

And Mr. Frazier: should you want to pursue that trucking idea, I would love to help you promote it. I know that a major bus line has their drivers work four 10 hour shifts and they only lodge out of town twice per week while getting passengers all the way from one coast to the other.

karmadillo said...

Several years ago, I stumbled across a collection of fascinating, brilliant, free-spirited, and radically free-thinking broadsides concerning the state of our world, which in sum were quite modestly entitled, "The Home Page of Wade Frazier."

Despite all lack of pomp and pretense, Mr. Frazier's home page is an online testament to a remarkable man of both unmistakable pedigree and talent; for he is an autodidact of the highest caliber, laying bare his wisdom and knowledge for all to see and receive. He is an endangered species, a man who seeks passionately after that which is sacred, true, and essential.

After my first visit to his home page, I began returning on a regular basis. It's no exaggeration to say that for a while, his home page was my home page too.

For all of Mr. Frazier's prolific work in mapping out his beautiful mind for us to trek through and learn from, he asked nothing in return. He's not trying to sell anything. He hasn't got an angle or a pitch. His truth is free, both libre and gratis. His marvelous opus, an erudite, heavily-footnoted, profoundly spiritual, and deeply insightful synthesis of our fragmented reality, is his gift to the world, and I count myself fortunate for having received it.

Who are you, Mr. skepTick, and what have you given the world besides this shabby sack of excrement hurled with no regard for either truth or virtue at an exceptional human being?

And Mr. Frazier, if you're reading this, I'd love to introduce you to my home page (or rather, the online community where I regularly share my thoughts). Much of what you see there owes a debt of inspiration to your work. If you're interested, drop me a line. I'm implementing an abundance paradigm and would love to hear your thoughts.

Yours Truly,




Lightwing1 said...

Mr. Skeptic:

Are you whining because Wade Frazier was too principled to be bought? How sad for you. That's the standard corporate way, isn't it? Buy everyone with the money you and your kind make off of racketeering and exploitation of innocent humans and the planet. Must be fun to sit in that black tower of ego and think you are better and smarter and richer than everyone else. Laughing at the world in your hubris. Well, have fun because it won't last much longer.

That's how you guys work. Find someone's weakness and either buy them or blackmail or threaten them to shut up and go away - leaving you to your perfect thuggish pursuits.

Profit is your God and nothing must stand in the way. Not even good, old fashioned American ingenuity which you correctly suspect will lead to your demise. And you will ruin lives and harrass people to death to achieve maintain your hegemony. How passe of you - how infantile.

You do know that the time is coming when your kind will be exposed, when your hegemonies will crumble. The era of domination is over. The era of LOVE is being birthed as I write this.

You cannot stop the shift and you are desperately clinging to your old paradigms as they crack and fray around you. Frozen WILL is thawing and healing, planet-wide. Mother energy is returning and SHE will bring balance. Your world will end with a whimper, my dear. You cannot stop the evolution in human consciousness. GOD has rediscovered his HEART and is working diligently to heal this fragmented universe, and that is a POWER that you cannot abrogate.

The skepTick said...

By all means...click on any one of the numerous ads I have on this simple blog. Make me rich.

Oh wait...there are no ads. No big business or special interest group has come knocking at my door. So, if profit is my god, then I'm just a lowly atheist doing charity work.

Lightwing1 said...

Then all the more reason for you to stop acting as an apologist for those whom your words defend.

You are so skeptical of the new, but champion the status quo as if it were infallible. People are hurting badly in this country right now because of the huge lack of integrity being evidenced in the actions of all of our entrenched American institutions. Institutions that have shown time and time again that ego and greed win out over common sense.

History has shown over and over that the efforts and accomplishments of inventors and scientists, scorned in their time, were proved correct, often posthumously. Are you such a poor student that you cannot see the parallels in our so-called modern age?

Do you really have such hubris that you think you know all there is to know about the unknowns in our universe or even our own small planetary system or that science has nailed all of our physical laws and there is no more to discover? Your item title and comments against Wade seem to imply this view and to uphold not only corporate gangsters and their thuggish actions (which of course they never have to take personal responsibility for thanks to corporate personhood) but the ossified scientific community so busy protecting their theoretical hegemonies and tenures?

But of course you are so smart that you can set yourself up as self-appointed judge and jury of all who make an effort to build new paradigms. Your ego is boundless and your fear of the future palpable. I pity you in your cozy, closeted nest of empirical conceit. You will die without ever having truly lived.

BTW, in the interests of transparency, you should know that I am registered Libertarian who is a champion of the truly free market, not one where protectionist legislations and regulations by the state protect big business hegemonies. The best ideas should win - or at the very least - be given a chance to be heard free of harrassment and threats. I do not support the "profit-by-any-means" corporatocracy currently taking over our nation. It's not free at all - more like mercantilism - and it certainly is not in alignment with what the authors of the Constitution had in mind.

I will always champion the little guy who wants to make the world a better place. This is how human progress is advanced for the most part. Rarely is the human race benefitted by entrenched power whose main foci are typically the acquisition of more by any means and/or protection of those gains from all challengers.

You have no integrity, sir, whatever your protestations might be. Skeptical inquiry for the purposes of conferring upon yourself some type of assumed intelligence is false. Simply because Free NRG cannot be explained by empirical studies does not mean it does not work. It simply means that it cannot be explained by scientific theory at present. I would further argue that the focused barrage of threats, sabotage, bribes, and other forms of suppression leveled at all who have experimented with it over the past 100 years is proof that these types of NRG technologies do work and is a threat to the coffers of the powers that be. If there were nothing to them, as you suggest, they wouldn't be fighting so hard (and paying so much of their cash) to suppress it.

I'll leave you with the ageless wisdom of one of our imperfect, but quintessentially American presidents:

"It's not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or when the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worth cause; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement; and who at the worst if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat."
- Theodore Roosevelt

Anonymous said...

If it were up to the swaggering arrogant skep Ticks of the world, we as a people would never have gotten beyond a hunter gather society.

The skepTick said...

And we would have totally missed out on the dark ages! Whew....good thing it's not up to us, then!

Oh...and I don't swagger. I lurch and lumber.

Daniel Conoli said...

From Frazier's website:
"the Global Controllers have satellites in orbit that can tell when anybody taps into that field (called the zero-point field and many other names). Then they send their “men in black” after them to eliminate the threat of free energy. The technology the spooks possess is apparently about a hundred years ahead of what is on the market today. The American military has technology that is "only" about ten years ahead of what is on today's market. The spooks apparently have technology that can create holographic illusions that the people think are real events, not virtual reality."

Lol. Yeah right. The government "spooks" apparently have godlike technology yet they're struggling the subdue enemies in the middle east that're armed with Cold War era weapons? Methinks Wade Frazier is nothing more than a wind-bag wannabe science fiction author.

Dave said...

I read Wade's expose on Paul Bragg and really couldn't understand why he poured so much effort into it. It was almost pathological his attention to trying to point out everything that Paul said that wasn't true. It was like he had a personal vendetta against him. The truth is, Paul hasn't been in the minds of health enthusiasts for decades. And more importantly, most everyone knew Paul bullshitted people. The reality is, is that what he taught was basically good sound advice. Wade sounds like he has issues and needs to get laid.

Mary Jo said...
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Mary Jo said...

Daniel I don't know whether the claims you refer to are true or not. But the holographic illusion technology you term "godlike" David Copperfield regularly uses in his magic shows for many decades now.