Psychic Nikki Gives Us Her 2009 Predictions

Psychic Nikki's latest predictions for 2009 are here. Like her previous predictions, these are a scattershot of things that have a decent probability of happening (e.g. Patrick Swayze on her health/death watch) mixed with others that are so fantastic as to be laughable (aliens will land). Still, she has no qualms about putting them online and leaving them there without (too much) post processing.
Some highlights (posted without comment):

  • Danger around Barack Obama.
  • Assassination attempt around Barack Obama.
  • Assassination Barack Obama – New Martin Luther King.
  • Race riots break out in US.
  • Another planet with life will be found in the universe.
  • A commercial jet liner and a meteorite will collide.
  • A rare Green Flamingo will be found.
  • A green bear will be found in China.
  • Collapse of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Stock Market up and down.
  • Mudslides in California.
  • Part of the polar ice cap melts.
  • The Royal Crown Jewels are stolen.
  • A blimp explosion over a sports stadium.
  • A riot at a soccer stadium.
  • Fashion Prediction: Capes for men, Muffs for women.
  • The economic woes, more terrorist attacks, and wild weather will still be around for 2009 but within twenty four months the economy picks up and there will be a boom much like after the Second World War - although heads of governments have to watch out for danger.
Thanks Nikki...we'll see how you did at the end of 2009.


Noadi said...

A riot in a soccer stadium? That's not a prediction, that's an everyday occurrence. Others are equally likely occurrences like the stock market going up and down (does it every do otherwise?). Of course making such easy predictions are a good way to then pad your success rate.

I definitely would love to see life discovered elsewhere in the galaxy. Green flamingos and bears would also be pretty cool.

Rawley said...

How would a blimp filled with Helium explode?

Erica said...

"Stock Market up and down" -- in contrast to those years where the stock market doesn't fluctuate AT ALL for 365 days.

Now the green bear and green flamingo, THAT'S creative.

Captain Haddock said...

I see a massive Volcano erupting in Wyoming...oh, so does everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Death-Health watch for Michael Jackson!

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Most of them make sense. I am little be skeptic about it. But it isn't something impressive about it.

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Darn, some did came true.

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