It Hurts...My Eyes!

Mark Marano, long time aide to chief global warming denier Sen. Inhofe, has left the care of his patron and gone out into the wide world to develop his own denialist website, ClimateDepot.com. As discussed in TPM,
The site is being financed by the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, an extremist anti-environmental group that is funded in part by the Exxon Mobil Foundation.

One environmentalist says of Morano: "He is relentless pushing out misinformation. In denying the urgency of the problem, he definitely slows things down on the regulatory front. Eventually, he will be held accountable, but it may be too late."
I'm skeptical of most things but thought how bad can it be compared to all the other tripe out there? I decided to stop by his website...and my eyes melted:

Click to view a larger image...or just visit the site itself to experience the agony. Nevermind the claptrap he's posted...the whole damned thing is taken straight from the pages of "How Not To Build A Website"! Uggh. Looks like someone threw up typeface. There's a great line from the movie To Live and Die in L.A. which I think is appropriate for Morano: "Your taste is in your ass!"

I can see he's motivated by the Drudge Report design, but this is something else entirely (not that my own blog is any great shakes - but at least there's some consistency of design here).

But one thing's important...the site doesn't drag you down with lots of science and equations and charts. Such ornaments would only overload brains already taxed with important functions, like breathing - or sitting - or smacking wives around. The target audience is obviously those who can easily be convinced that increasing the military budge is the same as gutting the defense department.

Or perhaps I'm too harsh. After all, it is true that the global temperature today is lower than the record high of 1998. So, we must be entering a period of global cooling, right? Crumbling glaciers, rising sea levels - all evidence that the theory of global warming is being gutted, so long as you subscribe to their peculiar brand of logic (any George Will readers here?)

Just one more thing to contend with...

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eag said...

Na!!!I like the pinboard effect! At least it's original!
How do you reckon with the warmists building their research on models?