'Psychic' Judi Hoffman to Capitalize on her Own Death

Self-proclaimed psychic Judi Hoffman is near death. She was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2008 and, at the end of seven weeks of treatment, was told her condition was improving and that she would return to a normal life in early 2009. Seems that Judi is not only psychic, she's also a cancer whisperer:
Her intuitve [sic] mind told her otherwise. She was insistent that she was not getting better and that the tumor was continuing its ravenous growth. Tragically, she was correct.
Nevertheless, Judi did return to a normal life which, for her, consists of ripping off the gullible via her imaginary psychic powers. Now she promises, via her unique talents, that if she should pass she will attempt to contact all the members of her "inner circle of the enlightened" from beyond the grave.
With all of her years of fine tuning and strengthening her psychic abilities, she is perhaps the most uniquely qualified individual to attempt such a feat.
Apparently, all it takes to become enlightened in Judi's eyes is a mere $95.
Become a Member of “The Inner Circle of the Enlightened”

In order to become a member, you must first agree to the terms and conditions (click the button “I agree to these terms”, then create a username and password (you will NOT be able to change your username later, so please be careful), then log in with this username and password. At this time you will be asked to make your payment (via PayPal) of 95.00 for a 5 year membership. This will give you complete access to the message boards.
So, she will either appear to you in a dream...or send a message to you via the forum? Whatever. Her forums generate little interest while she's living - do users really expect she'll attend them in death? After all, there are so many new people to meet on the other side...and finally get there names right (Oooo...I knew your name started with a 'D'!)

Let's not forget how sad this is. After living a lie, she also plans to continue the lie in death as well. You could almost pity her for the sadness of her existence, until you remember that she's taking money from the weak minded. I suspect her tombstone will come with a deposit slot.

The New York Observer weighs in, from which I unabashedly cherry-picked this quote:
She was admittedly wrong about the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl in 2008, however, humbly estimating her accuracy in an interview with The Baltimore Sun at around “65 to 85 percent.” (“Hey, if I could do it 100 percent of the time, I’d be living on Fifth Avenue, not Third,” she mused.)
With a 65 - 85% batting average, she should have been living on Fiftieth Avenue, not Fifth.


Anonymous said...

Psychic Robbie Thomas the psychic detective is far worse. It screams fraud all the way.

Truthbetold said...

Judi was a sweetie pie. I went to her with numerous reading but none of them rang true. I loved the way the cats would pounce on the table during my reading or even when Judy would just take a cigarette break during my reading. She had a joyful laugh - that I clearly remember. She was more a psychiatrist in my late twnties to early thirties and boy did I pay her well. I hope she is living the life on the other side.

Truthbetold said...

I completely agree with this article. She is no way was psychic. She studied acting and english..hmmm...I had a few readings and recently lsitening to them. I laughed and can't believe I paid her. Karma caught up with Judi apparently.

Anonymous said...

Bless u Judi ! You came to me, and you were a blackjack dealer. You showed me an ACE :) Have fun in heaven...

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