The State of Medicine in India

Headline in the Times of India reads:

Homeopathy emerging as most reliable treatment method

Medical professionals in India must cringe at the incredible uphill battle they have before them to fight these kinds of pseudo science.
Another doctor present during the occasion added that homeopathy is the only medical science in world in which medicines are tested on human bodies and it is now even used for animals and birds also.
Really? No other medicines in the world are tested on 'human bodies'? And are birds no longer classified as animals in India? It's like reading a comic book. They shamelessly make this crap up and feed it to the ignorant masses.


EastwoodDC said...

I think comic books are not the right analogy, because comic are generally understood to be entertainment, and not intended to delude the masses. Perhaps some other form of media would be more appropriate. One that shamelessly distorts or invents the facts to promote its own agenda. Fox News, perhaps?

The skepTick said...

You're right. Bad analogy. I like comic books. Fox news is a much better analogy.