Is Timothy Brantley the Next Kevin Trudeau?

Dr. Timothy Brantley is the naturopath to the stars, and he has a new book out: The Cure (Heal Your Body, Save Your Life Through Nutrition). Reading a review, one particular item stood out for me:
The Celebrity Cafe Book Review
Brantley’s personal experiences and statements about the American diet make a relatively convincing case for the causes of illness and the value of natural cures. His opinions echo those of Kevin Trudeau’s, author of Natural Cures: What They Don’t Want You to Know. The difference is Brantley’s personality and cognitive style; he is optimistic as opposed to Trudeau’s pessimism and paranoia, and seems able to offer reasonable natural alternatives without villanizing the entire medical industry.

Anyone who echoes Trudeau is not about truth in medicine...but is after a quick way to make a buck. But maybe I should reserve judgment until I read the book. Still, it's going to be hard to choke down echoes of Trudeau.

Of course, the colonic looks to be ever present. I wonder if he recommends the same regimen as Trudeau - 15 colonics in 30 days? At least, with the Colema Board, you can serve yourself in the comfy of your own home while catching reruns of Seinfeld. Take a look-see at the good time you could be having tonight:

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Rebecca said...

You should give it a try. It reads like a story. Timothy is very positive and tells everything he knows through his experiences.