Kevin Trudeau's Natural Cures For Wealth

Aren’t there times when you feel you have just too much money and you have no idea what to do with it? Well, “consumer advocate” Kevin Trudeau is here to help. Purchase any one of his books and he’ll gladly lighten your load through high shipping costs and subscription fees. And if you decide to cancel? Well he may just go on helping you by continuing to bill your credit card for something you don’t want. I call it "Kevin Trudeau's Natural Cure for Wealth”.

Kevin Trudeau's Natural Cures Agrees to Missouri Refunds

"I ordered a book from Kevin Trudeau (Weight Loss Cures)," wrote John C. of Indianapolis, Indiana. "They tried to sell me several other items while we were on the phone, but I told them I just wanted the book. This was in March of 2007."

John said ITV Global then charged his credit card $5.95 a month for the next several months.

"When I called them, they said this was for a newsletter," John told us. "I told them I did not order this and wanted the charges removed. Without even researching to see if I ordered this, they refused to credit all my money back.

"I did not order this product, nor did I receive a newsletter. The billing practices used by this company should be criminal," John said.

If you happen to be in Long Beach, CA this weekend, you can visit Trudeau at the Long Beach Natural Alternatives Expo. I'm sure he'll be happy to relieve you of your hard earned pay. You might be one of the lucky ones who continues to experience his brand of relief for months to come.

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