Psychics on the Run! Southern Skeptics Needed!

Hey there all you non-believers from the south. The cops in Florida are on the lookout for a psychic and her psipimp who allegedly bilked customers out of thousands of dollars in a none-to-clever scam. So, if you happen to see Senora Sara or Carlos Farias, do us all a favor and call the authorities and let's get them off the street. Don't try to take them on yourself. Their woo may be dangerous.
Investigators say psychic scammed customers

The couple was renting a residence in Sarasota. When authorities went to look for the duo, they were informed by neighbors that the couple had left several days ago.

It's believed the couple could be driving one of the following vehicles: green Mustang, white Ford Explorer, Lexus or a two-door Buick. They are said to be pulling a small, white trailer.

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