Kevin Trudeau's Valentine Day Motion

On November 16, 2007, U.S. District Court Judge Robert W. Gettleman said that Kevin Trudeau was one heck of a salesman, a prolific author, and an "exposer of corporate and government corruption". The Judge also said Trudeau was also in contempt of court.

In his opinion (pdf reference), Judge Gettleman wrote
As discussed above, Mr. Trudeau has violated this court’s order. He has misrepresented
the content of his book by stating in his infomercials that his diet protocol was “easy” and that it
allowed dieters to “eat whatever they want,” and he has misled thousands of consumers. For
these reasons, the court holds Mr. Trudeau in contempt. By separate order, the court will set a
hearing to determine the appropriate remedy in light of this opinion.
I guess those weight loss cures Trudeau touted were not as easy as he led everyone to believe. But I do wonder how many colonics it takes for some people to realize the same thing.

I also just happened to be checking the docket to see if the "appropriate remedy" will be dished out soon. All I found was a "Notice of Motion" in the FTC v. Trudeau case being heard today by the Judge. I wonder...d'ya think Trudeau might be entering a motion to wish the Judge a Happy Valentine's Day? Maybe send a box of organic chocolates and a "Thinking of You" card?

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Skidoo said...

It's (potentially) awesome that Trudeau was found in contempt of court. Because when you're found in contempt of court, the judge can do almost anything to you.