Liberty, Truth, and Ignorance

Ben Stein Wins Intelligent Design Award for 'Expelled'

Ben Stein has been named the recipient of the 2008 Phillip E. Johnson Award for Liberty and Truth. This award "recognizes...[the] pivotal role in advancing our understanding of design in the universe by opening up informed dissent to Darwinian and materialistic theories of evolution." This begs the question as to how our understanding of "design in the universe" is advanced by "informed dissent" of evolution. Since intelligent design is not a theory in and of itself, it resorts to pointing out supposed flaws in the theory of evolution. It does not provide any evidence in support of intelligent design. There has been no theory that has ever been supplanted with a new theory without supporting evidence.

"Liberty and Truth" in this award is a moniker for "Freedom to Remain Ignorant". Mr. Stein is well deserving of this reward.

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