Creationist Eats Crow - Lots of Crow!

On YouTube, there's this guy Thunderf00t who produces a series of videos called "Why Do People Laugh at Creationists"...an entertaining and rational examination of creationist beliefs. Then there's this other guy VenomFangX who produces videos about creationism, the glory of God, why evolution is wrong, etc. They're not very entertaining and they repeat the same old canards often used to support creationist ideology. Eventually, these two guys crossed paths and a little YouTube war started. Ultimately, VenomFangX was unable to contend with the rational arguments put forth by Thunderf00t.

Blame it on the irrational exhuberance of youth or blame it on stupidity, but VenomFangX next did something which he shouldn'tve oughtta done (aw gee whiz, I've been watchin' too much Palin!). He invoked the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) and claimed that his material had been wrongfully stolen and used in a Thunderf00ts videos. Apparently he had never heard of Fair Use. YouTube took down two of Thunderf00t's videos until he provided a counter claim showing the wrongful use of the DMCA by VenomFangX. Essentially, VenomFangX was purposefully misusing the law to censor content. And that's perjury, a criminal offense.

Thunderf00t had three options to pursue:
1) he could have VenomFangX's account permanently suspended from YouTube,
2) he could pursue legal action
3) or he could do this...

(via Skepchick)


Cleanser said...

Beautiful on so many levels :-D

The skepTick said...

I now understand my theological views have nothing to do with the legality of my actions.

That's precious. VenomFangX should also understand that it's all part of God's plan...to make him look like a tool.

Kim said...

i love VenomFangX and i love his videos.