Bigfoot Hoax Costume at $100K on eBay!

Two months ago, a couple of good ol' boys from Georgia let a bigfoot hoax get out of hand and they ended up in the national spotlight. What they claimed to be the body of a bigfoot they had shot instead turned out to be a costume stuffed with roadkill. Everybody...and I mean everybody...laughed at their antics. While I snorted at the amount of media attention they garnered, in the end I was happy to see that, at least in this case, the networks, newspapers, and blogs were skeptical. Then again, it wasn't too difficult to be skeptical. If the results of DNA testing came out differently, I can easily imagine some starting to take this seriously.

Time has passed, and now the costume and container used in the hoax are up for auction on eBay. Starting at $499 a week ago, the bidding has now reached $101,600. Who's the mystery bidder? We'll have to wait on that. For various and sundry reasons, my initial guess is Penn Gillette. I have a limited imagination so I can't see how anyone can consider this to be worth $100K, much less $499 (especially knowing it had been stuffed with guts!) Instead I think it's going into someone's personal collection of oddities. Or maybe someone's starting up a Skeptic's Museum!

There are a little over 2 days left in the bidding. How high will it go?

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