Money to Burn

The eBay Bigfoot Hoax Costume sold last night for 6 million dollars $250,283.00 by someone with the username Vitanetworks. The buyer could be the owner of this company, or not. I thought one of the bidders was Penn Gillette. Then I ran a profile on who is most likely to throw away money during an economic downturn, and came up with an AIG manager as a likely buyer. However, I'm reconsidering my choice. Who, after all, is most likely to find sentimental value in a humanoid form bearing resemblance to our common ancestors, with money to burn and the moxie to not give a crap what everyone else thinks?

Ooo - I know! How about these guys:


Jonathan said...

The Hendersons, perhaps? :)


The skepTick said...

Nah...their home is in foreclosure and they're living on the streets now. Last thing they need is a Bigfoot costume...unless it comes complete with roadkill.