Thank God It Wasn't Sylvia Browne!

When does a psychic deserve applause? How about when they

1) prove beyond doubt that they are indeed psychic (don't hold your breath), or
2) save someone's life

Joanne Jordan, a self-professed psychic medium, deserves our applause and recognition for saving a man's life. According to the Grantham Journal,
Joanne Jordan, 43, of Sunningdale, Grantham, was just leaving her home when she noticed a man lying on the ground by the side of the road near the junction of Belton Lane and Green Lane.

She pulled over to help and found the man had a weak pulse and had stopped breathing.

Joanne, who works as a psychic medium, said: "I gave him mouth to mouth while a GP who had also stopped to help gave him CPR.

"On the second breath he opened his eyes- it was very weird.

"When he came round he was covered in my pink lipstick."
Witnesses overheard him murmuring "Thank God it wasn't Sylvia Browne."

OK...just kidding. That part didn't really happen. But all the same, thank God it wasn't Sylvia Browne.


Simon said...

Yes, I had a reading from this "psychic".


The skepTick said...

Wonderful post. Tons of comments over there. If she can't predict you're going to choke on a chicken bone, at least she can perform the Heimlich maneuver and save your life. And I'm sure she knows when she'll need this handy skill.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.