This is Progress?

I heard an interesting commercial on a podcast today, an advertisement for Chevrolet:
Some Chevrolet Standard 6 owners report gasoline mileages as high as 26 miles to the gallon and nearly all of them get 18 to 24, depending on how they drive.
That doesn't sound too bad, especially considering the Silverado Hybrid is claiming only 22 mpg. Chevrolet's most fuel efficient vehicles are estimated to get 34 - 37 mpg, so that's quiet better than the Standard 6. Sill, the average car on American roadways gets only 22 mpg.

Oh, one more thing about the Standard 6. It was advertised for only $445. In 1933. I was listening to the Jack Benny podcast from the Old Time Radio collection.

10 mpg improvement in 75 years. This is progress?

Oh Rochester, how long before we reach the future?

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