Psychic Nikki with a dash of Tom Cruise

In an earlier posting, we described how Nikki, Psychic to the Stars predicted Heath Ledger's death after he died. We also saw that she did not predict Angelina Jolie's Oscar nomination after Angelina Jolie didn't get an Oscar nomination.

Yeah, I know. It's confusing. But then, most of her predictions are confusing. Nikki (aka Nikki Pezaro) has been making wild predictions for years, some very general while others are very specific. Above all, they are entertaining and nothing more. The vast majority of her predictions have been misses, and the few hits she's had (e.g. "an attack against Microsoft") are general enough as to be no surprise to anyone. Are they really any different than pure speculation?

Described as a "soulful eyed actress" (ref), Nikki played the part of a hooker in 1985's Psycho Girls (note, IMDB mistakenly lists her as Nikki Pezano, not Pezaro). In 1995, she was working the late night shift on a psychic hotline in Toronto. A revealing quote about her is found in a Maclean's Magazine article on psychic hotlines:
Ironically, the most scathing denunciations of phone psychics have come from Bob Garfield, the Washington columnist for Advertising Age. Despite the fact that their increasingly slick infomercials have proved a boon to the ad world, he rails at them as "sleazy. The ultimate product they're selling is company - to have someone to talk to at $5 a minute." Acknowledges Nikki Pezaro, a Toronto actress-psychic who works the 4 a.m. shift on one of Savard's rival's lines: "There are a lot of desperate people out there."
Preying on desperate people is perhaps the single biggest link connecting purveyors of woo. But maybe that was in Nikki's past. I see her today as a "psychic consultant" for TV Guide and the US Sun, or as someone to call upon for her Oscar and Golden Globe picks - just a little extra seasoning to throw into the pot of media frenzy. However, I would be interested in hearing from our Canadian friends if she's a bigger presence up north. Just send me an email. I'm here everyday...

As I said before, Nikki's accuracy is no better than pure speculation, but she does have some uniquely specific predictions, like
  • the Hollywood star who will be crushed by an elephant while on location in India
  • the Earth will move slightly off it's axis, causing some havoc
  • a transvestite will be a contestant in the Miss USA contest
But what if her predictions for the year don't come true (as is the case with most of them)? Psychics will be the first to say that no one is perfect. As for Nikki, it's just a matter of time.

She said some of the predictions she made for 2006 may not happen in that specific year but that her prophecies would come true maybe in 2007 or 2008.

"Sometimes when you make a prediction, the time frame could be off," she said. "[Sometimes] psychics have problems making the exact time frame, but eventually the prediction does happen."

Nikki's website is something of an afterthought. I giver her props for keeping all her old predictions online. Most psychics delete their past failed predictions (which doesn't leave much of a list). But Nikki has kept each and every one of hers online since 2002.

Well...maybe not everyone. Remember, she did delete that Angelina Jolie Oscar nomination prediction earlier this year and, with the wonders of the WayBack Machine, we can see if she changed any of her other past predictions. Astonishingly, I could find only one other case. That doesn't mean there weren't others - but if there were, they don't show up in the WayBack Machine.

Let me take you back to March 2004 when a small news item appeared about the breakup of Tom Cruise (may you've heard of him) and Penelope Cruz. Nikki had predicted that the couple would get married in 2003. Obviously, that was a big miss (but I suppose it could still happen if we give it time, right?) And she failed to predict that the couple would break up. Nikki makes no other mention of the two again...unless you use the WayBack Machine! The image below is a comparison of her website as it was in February 13, 2004 with what it became in April 15, 2004 (ref):

Up until this change, Nikki had predicted that Cruise/Cruz would wed and the have a child together. However, on March 26, 2004, the actor, through his publicist, notified the world that the couple had split up in January.
Tom Cruise has split from his actress girlfriend Penelope Cruz, according to the actor's sister.

The couple ended their three-year relationship at the end of January, said Lee Anne Devette, who the star has recently hired as his publicist.

So, this is yet another case of Nikki changing her predictions to conform with history. I guess this hadn't been noticed before because Nikki never deleted a lot of her failed predictions, or her wacky predictions. I'm sure there must be some rhyme or reason to her behavior. Or maybe not. Anyway, keep on prognosticating, Nikki. Your predictions are nothing if not entertaining.

OK...they're just entertaining.

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Skidoo said...

Busted! Again. Great job!

eag said...

So she's making a buck out of what people want to hear about.So maybe they should get a life, ignore Tom and maybe he'll go away.
Where ever there's a market someone will step in to fill it ~ life in the 'real' world!

Weekly Horoscopes said...

I think she loves Tom.:)

Accurate psychic readings said...

I think she really does, lol.

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Psychic Phone Readings said...

We are yet to solve the mysteries of this world and it's never that bad to be skeptical and doubt at times, as well as to believe. :)
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Dean said...

My favorite Psychic Nikki predictions are "the ice caps will melt" and "asteroid will pass by the earth" lol. What a floozy. Anyone who gets fleeced by that idiot deserves to lose their money.

Anonymous said...

That makes me laugh Dean. lol. Indeed, Nikki's predictions are sometimes really funny. Anyway, I think if one wants to find real, and an honest psychic. They have to research about them.

Anonymous said...

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