Attention Hoddesdon Sceptics...

The gauntlet has been thrown down. Your time is drawing nigh. Put on your skeptic's utility belt and your good shoes because it's time for you to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.

Or, if you'd rather not do that, then at least go out and confront "psychic" Susan DeVere because she has challenged YOU (and don't think she doesn't know who you are - because she does) to a question and answer event at the Quaker Meeting House on Lord's Street in lovely Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire (at least it looks lovely in Google Maps).
Psychic Challenges Sceptics At Hoddesdon Event
Susan DeVere will use her ancient Native American Spirit guide, Red Cloud, to try and transform the minds of non believers.

Susan says she will challenge people's preconceptions of spiritualism, respond to queries people have about their past and amaze them with predictions about their future.

She also claims to be able to communicate messages to the spirit world.

Susan is so confident that she freely invites sceptics who doubt her gift to come and put her to the test.

The showdown is on January 13. Be there or be there. And say "Hi" to Red Cloud for me.

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