Stopped by Whole Foods yesterday and shook up some vials of homeopathic water.


bigjohn756 said...

Will they still be good? I thought that they had to shaken a very specific number of times. I'd hate to spend my money on some homeopathic medicine that had received extra shakes because it might not work.

TurboFool said...

I had to stifle an audible laugh when this hit my RSS feed.

I do wonder, though, what effect this has on the "medicine." This could be a major problem, really. Pranksters such as yourself could destroy store inventory before it ever gets in the hands of the ill who need it so desperately.

Actually, come to think of it, has this problem been addressed in all the double-blind studies in which homeopathy has proven to cure nothing but a slightly dry throat? Maybe the method used to transport the "medicine" to the testing facility succussed the medication into ineffectiveness!

The skepTick said...

I figure they must have extraordinary quality control on transport vibrations. I suggest they apply whatever incredible shock absorbing systems they use to the automobile industry. They could make a lot more money and bring the American automobile industry out of hoc!

The Bad Yogi said...

Actually the first thing I said to a homeopath was, "How do you know they didn't switch labels by mistake?"

I've been waiting 15 years for an answer.