Bush's White House Bio

Did you know that George H. W. Bush sent troops in to Panama to overthrow Manuel Noriega? Did you know that he also bombarded Iraq and sent in troops to liberate Kuwait?

Did you know that Ronald Reagan sent naval escorts into the Persian Gulf to maintain the freeflow of oil during the Iran-Iraq war? And that he gave support to anti-Communist insurgencies in Central America, Asia, and Africa?

How about this. Did you know Bill Clinton "successfully dispatched peace keeping forces to war-torn Bosnia and bombed Iraq when Saddam Hussein stopped United Nations inspections for evidence of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons"?

If you didn't know any of these facts, you could easily find them in their WhiteHouse.gov biographies.

But here's a couple things you won't find: that former President George W. Bush had anything to do with the wars in either Iraq or Afghanistan. There's absolutely no mention of these two significant events in his bio. In fact, other than a mention of 9/11, there's no measure of any conflict during his two terms to be found in his bio. You will, however, find this:
The Bush family also includes two dogs, Barney and Miss Beazley, and a cat, Willie.
Now why do you suppose that is?

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