Is Lou Dobbs Even Relevant Anymore?

Why is Lou Dobbs still on TV? While I respected his financial reporting in the 90's, he's since taken a turn for the worst and. I suspect that he has to stir the pot, so to speak, to maintain ratings. In doing so, he's lost a lot of credibility. Sometimes I can't tell if he's being snarky or just a moron. Consider this gem:
Still ahead here: winter storm sweeping the country. Is this what you call global warming?
Coming up next, snow falls in the desert? So what are -- what are those folks talking about, global warming? We'll find out.
We'll tell you about that and a big freeze across the country. What's that global warming deal? We'll be talking with two meteorological experts -- a special report on it next.

Then he goes on to conflate seasonal weather with climate change. Dobbs should be (and probably is) smarter than that, which indicates he is intentionally generating conflict in the public where none exists within the science community (with regard to climate vs. weather). And that's despicable.

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